Here you can find an overview of frequently asked questions. If your question is not included, just contact our support: welcome@appskins.eu

At Display , what is the difference between Full Cover and Case-Compatible?

AppSkins Crystal CaseCompatible are cut smaller than the Full Cover version. A protective cover therefore does not lift the film from Display . Thus, they can be perfectly combined with the most common protective covers. The Full Cover versions have the highest Coverage possible for the respective device. You can also take a look at detailed photos on the corresponding product page, where you can clearly see the Coverage .

What is the difference between matt and gloss?

Crystal Matt offers an extremely strong anti-reflective and grease-repellent surface. The strong matte effect makes the Display look a bit "coarser". However, this is completely normal for a matte Display. Crystal gloss , on the other hand, is 99.9% transparent and forgoes the other advantages of the matte surface for this.

What is the difference between Crystal and a Tempered glass?

Our Crystal skins are made of a material whose protective properties can be compared with those of Tempered glass . They are only slightly thinner, but are made of shock-absorbing, highly flexible material and absorb up to a certain amount of force. This means they cannot splinter or break. Originally, the material was used to protect rotor blades and wings in the military against damaging influences. 

Does the fingerprint sensor work with a Crystal skin?

The fingerprint sensor works flawlessly with our film. You might simply have to re-register the finger after application due to the residual moisture if it does not recognize it anymore.

Does the film protect in the event of a fall?

Of course, the film can protect your device from damage in case of a fall. However, we cannot provide a warranty for this at Warranty . Every fall is individual. It depends on the height, the speed, the angle and much more. No product can guarantee you 100% protection. No other manufacturer can give you this Warranty , neither for films nor for glass. If the smartphone falls to the ground at an unfavorable angle, no screen protector will often help. You always get the best possible protection with a thick protective cover.

My device is already damaged. Can I still mount Crystal ?

application If there is damage to the device that is not just superficial, we advise against using our Crystal skins in any case. This is because if there is a chance of liquid getting inside the device, the electronics can be damaged. However, if the damage is exclusively superficial and not deep, you can mount Crystal skins.