Individual protective films

made to your exact specifications

Are you looking for a top-class customised protective film?

We finally wanted to give those of you the opportunity to protect your devices with our wet-applied Crystal protective film,
whose devices we do not cover in our Shop .

The solution is our intuitive film configurator, in which you can configure the length and width as well as the rounding of the corners.
Your custom-fit protective film is only a few entries away!


Car displays





Is the film suitable for every device?

No. We are completely honest about that.

Since the film is applied with the help of liquid, we always advise against using it if the electronics of the device are at risk. So if you are not sure whether liquid can get into the inside of your device, it is better not to use it application .

It is also not possible to stick the film over corners, 90° edges or on moving parts (e.g. foldable displays).

Curves, on the other hand, are no problem.

How does the bonding work?

The application is made simple and accurate by wet bonding. Professionals use this for all kinds of glass foiling. The mounting fluid allows the film to be aligned precisely to the millimetre on the Display .

The enclosed squeegee card is then used to push the liquid out from under the film. You can watch this in detail in the following video and in our installation videos.

Innovative material 

The shock-absorbing material is resistant and flexible. It cannot break and therefore has a longer service life than protection made of glass with comparable protective properties. Due to the enormous flexibility, curves are also no problem. 

Maximum adhesion

Thanks to the premium adhesive applied over the entire surface, the material adheres optimally to every spot. Nevertheless, it can be removed at any time without leaving any residue. 

Perfect touch properties

Fingerprint sensor, touch and sensors work as if there was no film. Thanks to the optimized material, every input is received as fast as lightning, so you will forget that there is a film on your device.

Matt - Reflection-reducing and grease-repellent

Matt is the first choice for pragmatists and individualists. Reflection-reducing and extremely grease-repellent are the main advantages of the matte surface.

Most users are happy to accept that the image is slightly altered by the matte finish because the advantages simply outweigh the disadvantages.

You can glide your finger over the Display like over a soft sheet of paper. Fingerprints are a thing of the past. The surface looks elegant and the matte design makes it an eye-catcher. 

Gloss - Perfect image and almost invisible

Gloss is 99.9% transparent, making it perfect for those who don't want to compromise on image quality, but simply want to protect their device.

It's so unobtrusive that it's only noticeable when you look closely.

Your finger glides over the surface just as smoothly and without resistance as over glass.

Made in Germany

All individual protective films are manufactured with the highest accuracy of fit in Germany on the most precise machines in the world.

So you can immediately start with the application all unnecessary film parts are removed by hand. To simplify the application you will find a video tutorial on our website. With every configured film, depending on the size, a corresponding number of squeegee cards, the in-house installation fluid and high-quality cleaning kits are also included.

All orders are shipped free of shipping costs with Deutsche Post/DHL. Shipping is usually processed within 24-48 hours. The shipping time depends on the recipient country.