Unbreakable protection

Crystal can not break!

You take your smartphone out of your pocket and are looking forward to a new message. You are about to swipe the Display and see a small crack through your screen protector. "S**, where did that come from?" you ask yourself.

That's how thousands of people feel every day. For AppSkins Crystal users, that's a thing of the past.

After two years of development, Crystal was released in November 2016. Since then, it has been constantly optimized. It became the solution for many users who were limited by the technical limitations of glass films.

Innovative material, for extreme situations

The shock absorbing material is durable and flexible. It cannot break. Thus, Crystal lasts longer than a glass film, with similar protection. The flexibility makes it easy to wrap around your Display- or case perimeters. You can also use Crystal in water. Why do we mention this? Crystal is only available for water protected devices. We know that many users are out in the water with their smartphones and watches.

Maximum adhesion and removable without residue

The material adheres optimally due to the adhesive applied over the entire surface. We have adapted the adhesive to the material of the individual devices. High adhesion and residue-free removability is certain.

"Works flawlessly"

This is the answer to the question whether the fingerprint sensor in Display works. Fingerprint sensor, touch and all other functions work as if there was no foil. 

Simple application, like a pro

The application becomes easy and accurate with a mounting fluid. Professionals use this for glass foiling.
The film can be aligned to the millimeter on the Display .

With the enclosed squeegee card, the liquid is pushed out from under the film.

Our installation videos show you exactly how it works. 

Quality Made in Germany  

Before you can admire your crystal film on your smartphone, the film goes through several production steps.

Our production is located in the centre of Germany. From here, we develop, produce, check, pack and ship.

The film is cut to size with laser precision. So that you can start immediately with application , the parts of the film that are not needed are removed by hand. The film is then checked and sustainably packaged. The necessary accessories, such as mounting fluid, squeegee and cleaning kit are included.

Your order will be shipped free of charge within 24 hours. DHL and Deutsche Post take care of a short delivery time to your mailbox. The delivery time depends on the country of destination. 

Installation and performance guarantee

In case something goes wrong at application or something happens to the foil, we offer you a application- and performance guarantee.

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Two fits for design lovers and Case users

Most screen protectors are only available in one Fitting.

We have had two fits for smartphones in our range right from the start. This allows us to offer maximum Coverage or functionality with a Case.
You can find detailed photos of each Fitting on the product page.

Full Cover - maximum Coverage

The Fitting covers the Display up to the edge of the display. This offers maximum protection. If you use a skin for the Casing (from the Unique or Crystal series), you can use this Fitting . Our Slim-Cases skins are already tight, as Case and the screen protector should not touch each other.

If you use a skin, we advise you to:

Case-Compatible - Functionality with a Case

This Fitting protects at a distance from the display edge to work optimally with the most common cases. The Case compatible Fitting covers more of the display than a conventional screen protector.  

Almost invisible or reflection-reducing

To keep you in the know, we offer Crystal with two surfaces.
Both surfaces are very resistant and water-repellent due to their self-healing nano-coating. 

Gloss - Perfect image and almost invisible

Optimal for film fans and maximum picture quality. High gloss and so transparent that it is almost invisible. Your finger glides over the surface just as smoothly and without resistance as on glass.

Matt - Anti-reflective and stylish

Matt is the first choice for professional users and individualists. Reflection-reducing and extremely grease-repellent. These are the main advantages of the matt surface. In business and gaming, you need a screen that is optimally visible at every angle and in unfavourable light.

Even if the matting slightly alters the image, it is important for a professional smartphone user to be able to see something on the screen in unfavourable light.

You glide your finger over the Display like over a soft sheet of paper. Fingerprints are a thing of the past. The Display has an elegant appearance and its matt design is an eye-catcher. 

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The slimmest and lightest enclosure protector in the world

You want to keep the dimensions and weight of your smartphone? Protect it inconspicuously and improve the grip? Or simply change the look minimally?

We offer the thinnest transparent protection on the planet for your Casing .

Millions are invested in the design of smartphones. They are becoming thinner, more powerful and lighter. Why change the design when you can protect thin and transparent with Crystal ?

What's more, you can easily change the look of the surface by turning gloss into Matt or vice versa. Your friends will be amazed.

All in one piece or in parts

We also have two fits for the Casing .

Full Cover - The back and sides are made of one piece. It feels as if the smartphone is made of one piece.

Original - Depending on the device, Original skins consist of either a single part for the back or several parts. One for the back and several for the sides. Many users choose Original and leave out the sides. This gives you transparent protection against "case damage". This is caused by dirt that accumulates between the smartphone and the cases.

(Due to the different device designs, not all variants are available for some devices. If you do not find the desired Fitting at Crystal , you can look at our coloured Unique design films. )

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