Unbreakable, flexible and revolutionary!

Discover Crystal bulletproof films - the unbreakable screen protector that revolutionizes your smartphone! Forget about bulletproof films that break and let you down. With Crystal you benefit from ultimate flexibility, impact and scratch resistance as well as many other unbeatable advantages that optimally protect your device. Get Crystal now and experience how Display protection works on a whole new level. Put an end to broken glass films and switch to the future-proof solution - Crystal!

Discover the advantages of Crystal

The shock-absorbing Crystal material is tough and flexible, which means it cannot break. As a result, Crystal lasts longer than a glass film and offers similar protection. The flexibility allows the material to be easily placed around the Display- or housing perimeter.

Here are the advantages of the Crystal material at a glance:

1. Shock absorption: Thanks to the innovative Crystal material, shocks are effectively absorbed, so that your device is optimally protected against damage.

2. Self-healing: Crystal display protection films can independently compensate for small scratches and dents, so that they always look like new.

3.Touch sensitivity: Crystal screen protectors do not affect the touch sensitivity of your device, so you can continue to use it easily.

4. Fingerprint sensor compatibility: Crystal screen protectors are designed not to interfere with the fingerprint sensor built into Display . Continue to enjoy convenient and fast unlocking of your device without compromising on security and functionality.

5. Easy installation: Crystal films are easy to apply and remove without leaving any residue on the Display . Our installation videos show you exactly how to do it.

6. Durability: Crystal is durable and provides long-lasting protection for your device without the need for frequent replacements.

Choose the perfect Fitting: Full Cover or Case-Compatible!

We have two custom fits for your smartphone - for both design lovers and Case users. Enjoy ultimate protection and full functionality with our unique fits.

Full Cover - maximum Coverage

Our Full Cover design offers you comprehensive protection and covers the entire Display to the edge. Perfect for Casing skins from the Unique or Crystal series. However, Slim-Cases may be tight, as Case and screen protector should not touch each other.
If you use a case, we advise you to:

Case-Compatible - Perfect function with a Case

The Case-Compatible Fitting protects your Display while maintaining a distance to the display edge, so it works optimally with common cases. The Case-Compatible Fitting covers a larger area of the display than conventional screen protectors.

Gloss or Matt - for the perfect look and optimal function!

Our Crystal display protection films are available in two surface variants, both with self-healing nano-coating, resistant and water-repellent.

Gloss - crystal clear and almost invisible

The Gloss surface is ideal for those who value brilliant image quality and a flawless Display . It is high-gloss and extremely transparent, making it almost invisible. The smooth surface allows your finger to glide effortlessly over the Display and offers an experience that is in no way inferior to the original glass. Experience perfect image sharpness and vivid colors without compromising on protection.

Matt - low reflection and stylish

The Matt surface is perfect for professionals, gamers and individualists who are looking for a glare-free and dirt-resistant display protection film. The matte coating minimizes annoying reflections, especially in unfavorable light conditions, and is extremely grease-repellent, making fingerprints a thing of the past. Despite the slightly altered image reproduction due to the matte finish, the screen's visibility remains intact, which is of great importance for professional applications and gaming.

The matte surface also gives your Display a noble, velvety look and a pleasant, paper-like feeling when gliding your finger over the screen.

Choose the right surface for your personal style and needs, and enjoy the advantages of both variants of the Crystal screen protector!


The slimmest and lightest enclosure protector in the world

Want to keep the original dimensions and weight of your smartphone while unobtrusively protecting it and improving the grip? Or change the look minimally?

Discover our thinnest transparent protection for your smartphone-Casing!Why change the design? Protect it thin and transparent with Crystal!Millions are invested in the design of smartphones, which are becoming thinner, more powerful and lighter. So why change the design when you can protect it thin and transparent with Crystal ?

Change the look of the surface slightly by choosing between glossy and matt - your friends will be amazed!

Two fits for individual protection: Full Cover and Original

We offer you two fits for the Casing of your smartphone:

Full Cover - A seamless design: The back and side parts are made of one piece, so the smartphone feels like it was cast from one piece.

Original - Flexible and adaptable: Depending on the device, this variant consists of a single part for the back or several parts (one for the back and others for the sides). Many users choose Original and omit the sides to provide transparent protection against "case damage" caused by dirt accumulating between the smartphone and the cases.

(Note: Due to different device designs, not all variants are available for some devices.
If you can't find the Fitting you want at Crystal , check out our colored Unique design films)

Available in two finishes: Glossy and MatteChoose the finish that best suits your style and needs:

Glossy - Perfect for an unchanged, high-gloss appearance.
Matt - For a stylish, anti-reflective look.

Choose the matching Crystal case protector and enjoy the ultimate protection with minimal design impact!

Experience the quality "Made in Germany

Our state-of-the-art production facility in the heart of Germany guarantees you first-class quality and precision.

Here we develop, produce, check, pack and ship your Crystal film - all under one roof.Cut with laser-precision, we remove superfluous film parts by hand so that you can start directly with the application .

Each film is meticulously inspected and shipped in sustainable packaging. Of course, all necessary accessories such as mounting fluid, squeegee and cleaning kit are included.

The best part? We ship your order free of shipping costs and within only 24 hours! Thanks to DHL and Deutsche Post, your Display protection will arrive directly in your mailbox in no time. The shipping time depends on the recipient country.

What are you waiting for? Get your Crystal film now - the unbeatable Display protection "Made in Germany"!

Enjoy double security with our installation and performance guarantees!

Installation warrantyDon't worry if something goes wrong with application ! We provide you with Installation warranty to make sure your Crystal film lands properly on your device. If there are any problems, we are here for you.

Performance warranty : Trust the quality and performance of our Crystal film. With our Performance warranty you can be sure that you will always benefit from the outstanding protective properties of our film. However, if the performance should decrease, we are there for you.

Set on Crystal films and experience unsurpassed Display protection with double Warranty!

500,000+ customers delighted - 97% customer satisfaction since 2010

Since our launch in 2010, we have been relentless in revolutionizing the smartphone user experience. Our premium Crystal and Unique screen protectors and case protection solutions have already won over 500,000 customers!

With an impressive 97% customer satisfaction rating, we remain the top provider when it comes to protecting and customizing your smartphone. Our wide range of fits, finishes and designs ensures that we meet every need.

We are experts in our field and continue to set new standards in quality and functionality. You too can bet on the market leader - we are ready to amaze you!

Find the ideal Crystal protection for your device:







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